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"The ABC's of STEM Student of the Week Program provides young learners with a unique opportunity to tailor their interests and advance their understanding of STEM related disciplines through stimulating experiments and activities. Having the individuals present their reflective posters takes the process one step further, fostering thoughtful reflections that encourage them to organize their thoughts, leading to higher quality thinking."

John P. Rice

Director of Instructional Support for CTE and Science
North Syracuse Central School District, North Syracuse, New York 

“We understand our best asset is our people, and the future of our society will be built on increasingly advanced technological expertise and innovative problem solving. Supporting and collaborating with innovative, cutting-edge programs like the Syracuse City School District and The ABCs of STEM will create exciting opportunities to inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders in STEM.” 

Terry Madden

PE, Senior Vice President
OBG, Part of Ramboll (OBG), Syracuse, New York



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“My class loves The ABC’s of STEM kit!  I have gotten positive feedback from parents and the students. Students have told me that their whole family has gotten involved with playing the games and doing the experiments. The students look forward to sharing their posters and experiments every Friday! I announce the new ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week every Monday and the children can’t wait to find out who it is.  Love this program!” 

Rebecca DeLong

Bolivar Elementary School
Chittenango, New York

“The Syracuse City School District is appreciative of the support from OBG, Terakeet and Thompson & Johnson Equipment,” SCSD Supervisor of Science and Technology Dana Corcoran said. “The STEM kits they donated will allow new and engaging lessons for our students this school year. We look forward to expanding these activities to additional students in the years to come.”

Dr. Dana Corcoran

Supervisor of Science & Technology
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, New York

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“I love the fact it connects educational opportunities with the home and the community. I've had some great reactions from the students saying that the materials look fun and interesting and they can't wait to use them with their 'big sister' or other family members. Additionally, with 21st century learning and science expectations changing, this STEM program brings careers and awareness about Science Technology, Engineering and Math to our students in a very fun and engaging way. My kids love the program.” 

Linda Stephenson

Second Grade Teacher at Bear Road Elementary
North Syracuse, New York

"My second grader felt like the most important person in the world when he was chosen as The ABC’s of S.T.E.M. Student of the Week.  Each night he was more than eager to work on the projects and activities included in the kit, and my whole family greatly appreciated the time we spent interacting during each project.  The book is fun, wonderfully written, and easily relatable for any child.  To me, as a parent, there is nothing more satisfying than when a child becomes self-motivated to learn about new topics; so I greatly appreciated the 'education disguised as fun” aspect of the activities. The ABC’s of STEM program strikes a delicate balance between the two.'”

Greg Owens

ParentChittenango School District


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“This past September, I was both surprised and delighted to receive a kit compliments of our local Pathfinder Bank; and once I went through the kit, I was hooked. Each and every week, our students get so excited over who The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week is. It has made for an easy and exciting way to integrate STEM every week into my classroom, and with minimal classroom time needed.  Furthermore, the simple program activities make it easy for every student and family to participate, regardless of their educational and socioeconomic background. As a result of the sheer excitement from the students and the simplicity of the programming, I have seen a significant increase in our family-to-home engagement, and all around the topic of STEM, no less! I also use the extra playing card set and book as options for my in-class math centers. This program has remained a classroom highlight throughout the whole year!"

Karen DeSpirito

1st Grade, Smith Road Elementary SchoolNorth Syracuse, New York

“The ABCs of STEM was an exciting and fun way for my 6 year old to learn all about STEM.  Every day he would come home eager to complete another activity.  The program really helped him understand STEM in a simple way by relating it to his daily activities.  The program is not only a great educational tool, but is also a great way for children and parents to enjoy STEM together.”

Laju Oliver

Parent, Baldwinsville School District 



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The ABC’s of STEM encourages ALL students to explore the world of STEM.  It also incorporates students working with their families to complete a STEM project, play a STEM game, and build STEM career awareness.  Reaching students and families EARLY is the key to help with STEM career development.  With Karyn’s vivid illustrations and creative ways, STEM comes to life for students in a “take home” bag of supplies.  Also, the connection with local businesses in the community that sponsor the ABC’s of STEM is a wonderful way to build our educational connections for students and families.  Thank you, Karyn, for your vision and dedication with STEM and bringing it to life for our students, families and educators."

Kimberly A. Davis

Principal, Lyncourt Union Free School District

“The ABC's of STEM was such a fun experience for our family.  It was great to share from the different perspectives of our three 2nd graders who all got to bring it home.  Each had their own take on the experiments based on their interests. It was so fun for them to show off to their engineer dad too. It truly was a family experience and was a good break from homework.  It brought great awareness to all that is out there in the STEM field and the kids quickly realized STEM is all around us!”

Nicole Kopiasz

Parent, Bear Road Elementary School

North Syracuse, New York 



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