What is The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week?


Our kits provide classrooms with a literacy take home bag program around STEM introduction, curated especially for the youngest and most impressionable of ages:  Kindergarten to Second graders!

Each week, teachers announce The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week to the class.  The student arrives home with the classroom bag of activities to enjoy with their friends or family and records their experiences on their Student of the Week poster.

Students return to school and present to their class about their experience as the ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week.  The following week, another student and family are chosen to be the next ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week.  The process is then repeated throughout the academic year.

Our program features STEM introduction and engagement inspired and created by a full-time working Mom without a STEM background.  The program is structured to not only inspire young learners to spark their natural curiosity about STEM, but also educate parents and families of all backgrounds about the many benefits that come with STEM education and career exploration.

The best part?  All classroom boxes are financially supported and funded by local STEM-industry and businesses, making the program cost free to districts, schools, teachers and families to participate.

Our goal is to provide family engaging and memorable moments around STEM introduction for young students, so when they enter the upper level academic tracks of STEM, it will trigger fond memories from when they were The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week!

Just as each student is unique, so is their ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week experience!





A Student of selected as The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week, and arrives home with the Classroom bag and activities.



Throughout the week and at the family’s own pace, activities are done from the classroom bag, all encouraging family engagement and fun.



After each activity is completed, the student records the activity on their personalized Student of the Week poster.



At the end of the Week, the student returns with the classroom bag and their poster, and presents to their classmates about their weekly adventures.




Want to see more?  We don’t blame you!  Our bright and whimsical boxes are filled with educational STEM fun, and everything needed for a full school year of ABC’s of STEM Students (and Families!) of the Week! Click the link to view our Box Experience Catalog for yourself!

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