The ABC’s Of STEM Is A Fun Introduction To Stem That Encourages Family Engagement


Each week, a student is chosen as The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week and arrives home with the classroom ABC’s of STEM bag for you and your family to enjoy and learn all about STEM together!

Karyn Burns The ABCs of STEM Student Of The Week Program


At the end of the week, your child returns to school with the classroom bag and their completed ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week poster to present about their family adventures to the whole class!


The ABCs of STEM was an exciting and fun way for my 6 year old to learn all about STEM.  Every day he would come home eager to complete another activity.  The program really helped him understand STEM in a simple way by relating it to his daily activities.  The program is not only a great educational tool, but is also a great way for children and parents to enjoy STEM together.”

Laju Oliver, Parent

(Baldwinsville School District)



Your student arrives home as The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week, with the classroom bag and parent materials. Additional parent support is available at our website.


Working at your own pace, throughout the week your child completes the activities in the classroom bag, and records the family adventures on their Student of the Week poster.


At the end of the week, your child returns to school with the classroom bag and their completed poster, to present about their week to their classmates.



They say it takes a village. The more engaged and supportive parents are with our children’s academics, the better. Our programming is fun, simple, supports family engagement and allows for focusing on your one unique student at a time, making it even more impressionable and memorable.


Think back to your own elementary years: what unique impressions do you remember? For founder Karyn Burns-Gerling, she realized the day-to-day of her early education years were all a blur, but could remember the unique moments, such as when she was Principal for a Day, or making butter in an old fashioned butter churn.


The early years are about creating lasting impressions, and what better way to do it than celebrating one child at a time, and their uniqueness? Our programming allows you and your family to take pause from the standard chaos of a typical school week, and carve out a few minutes to enjoy some family time and learn about STEM together through your Student of the Week.


Founded By A Mom

Meet Karyn Burns

“The ABC’s of STEM came to me when my son came home as his classroom’s Star of the Week. His excitement and the quality family time the project created led to The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week – a program promoting family engagement in early STEM education while celebrating what makes each child unique. With the support of our STEM sponsors, we’re bringing families together and strengthening the foundation of the future... all while having fun and making memories!”

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