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The ABC's of STEM Student of the Week Program from Karyn Burns ABCs

Some of Our School Partners

“My class loves the ABC’s of STEM kit!  I have gotten positive feedback from parents and the students. Students have told me that their whole family has gotten involved with playing the games and doing the experiments. The students look forward to sharing their posters and experiments every Friday!  I announce the new ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week every Monday and the children can't wait to find out who it is.  Love this program!”

Rebecca DeLong, Bolivar Elementary School (Chittenango, New York)


through strategic community partnerships facilitated by us



Here's How It Works

Register Your School

After meeting with KBABC and learning about the program, schools then register for the upcoming academic year.

Get Connected to a STEM Industry Partner

We will work with you and your school to identify a strategic partner that will align with your community-minded mission and goals.

Receive The ABC’s of STEM Classroom Kits

Your school will receive your kit delivery right to your classrooms the first week of September, and you are ready for launch!


What grade levels are eligible to participate in the ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week?  


The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week program is customized for the youngest and most impressionable of elementary ages, kindergarten through 2nd grade.  However, we certainly appreciate that not all schools, classrooms and students are alike; many of our schools opt to implement as early as pre-K and up to 4th and 5th grade.  We maintain that schools are always in the driver’s seat; whatever works best for schools, we will work to accommodate them.  


How does It work?  


While the classroom works at its own pace throughout the year, one student at a time is designated “The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week.”  This student brings home the classroom literacy take home bag to engage and lead their family in a week of STEM-related activities that encourage education, awareness and family time. Activities throughout the week include reading, meal time engagement activities, games, and an experiment of their choosing to conduct.  Students then record their activity throughout the week on the Student of the Week poster.  On Friday, the Student of the Week returns the classroom bag and their completed poster to the class and presents on their week. Students then can bring their completed poster home.   

Teachers have students complete a "thank you/student reflection sheet" and saves each one. At the end of the year, they mail them to the sponsoring company so the employees can see first-hand all the STEM early education experiences that happened throughout the year, as a result of their classroom kit sponsorship.  


Is technology or computer support needed to participate in the ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week?  


Nope, and with FULL INTENT.  Our founder Karyn Burns-Gerling developed the idea after spending a week with one of her boys as the Star of the Week. She not only enjoyed the family-engaging and hands-on activities that were included and completed by her family but appreciated it. Crazy family weekday schedules coupled with trying to keep her kids off their electronics, she strived to develop an opportunity of introducing STEM through conversations, games, reading and experiments, for all to enjoy! 


Not all my students have the support system at home.  Can we still utilize The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week?  


While our program was built with the hope that families would join in on the STEM learning experience with their little learners, we certainly get it; not every student has the support system at home to allow this.  As a result, our program allows for teacher and classroom flexibility to implement the program any way they want, whether during class, in after school programs or at home.  Whatever method is best for the student to feel empowered and create lasting memories of their first exposure to STEM, we support!  Teachers who use our programming have had a blast implementing in many unique ways and are grateful they have shared these experiences with us.  Our kit and online supporting materials include teacher-submitted ideas on many different ways to implement the program.


How do I get my students and families started with The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week program?  


Each kit arrives with a teacher guide and introductory email about how to get the ball rolling in your classroom and at home.  Supporting materials include letter templates to send home and handouts for Curriculum Night.  Also, thanks to the feedback from our amazing teachers,  we are pleased to be rolling out supporting online materials for teachers to send parents with the email notifying them when their student is the Student of the Week, and show parents on Curriculum Night, including a brief one-minute video on The ABC’s of STEM, how it works and what to expect. This new feature will be available for all participants in the 2020-2021 academic year.  


How is this program available at no cost to teachers, schools and families?  


Founder Karyn Burns-Gerling spent over 15 years as a lobbyist representing manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout Central and Upstate New York. Each of these community-sustaining businesses are desperately looking for ways identify and engage their future workforce and support their local educational system in any way possible to help foster STEM education. Taking her own struggles, her lack of STEM knowledge and crazy evening family schedule into account, she created a unique program that not only introduced STEM to little ones at the start of their academic careers, but also provided an introduction to STEM to parents, considered critical components to leading kids into careers that support STEM concepts.  

Simply put, local STEM-supporting businesses are not only more than willing to support and sponsor schools willing to introduce this program into their classrooms and the homes of their students, they are grateful for the opportunity.  Businesses pay for the kits as both a community supporting incentive and a direct investment into their future workforce training and opportunities.  


How do we find a sponsoring business who will support our school's participation in The ABC's of STEM Student of the Week program?  


You don’t!  Well, let us rephrase that; you don’t have to.  Part of our role is as intermediary for schools and businesses to communicate and connect. Once a school has decided they would like to participate, KBABC will begin the process of finding and securing the perfect fit for a business supporter that provides support and benefit to all involved.  


The business-academic partnership aligns perfectly with our school mission.  Can we engage with the businesses more in a supportive role for STEM education?  


Yes!  We have loved watching the business-educator relationship develop from the program. We have seen everything from teacher development days touring the manufacturing facility, STEM parent nights sponsored and staffed by the sponsoring businesses, tours and activity days at the businesses for students, career day visits and classroom visits to engage the classrooms in fun STEM activities.  One of our favorite examples how a participating school decided to work smarter and not harder:  one of our schools asked the businesses to come in during parent-teacher conference days to conduct activities with the kids to give the substitute teachers a break. They made slime, and everyone loved it!  


What happens with each year as students progresses from one grade to the next? Will they participate in the same program over again?  


Great question, and admittedly one that Karyn didn’t even think of until she was asked about it by a teacher while pitching the program to the school. As a result of this issue, coupled with the overwhelming success of the program, the 2019-2020 program launched with three tracks of ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week programs, each one catered to a specific grade. There is a kindergarten box and program, a 1st grade box and program and a 2nd grade box and program. To learn more about the three tracks, click here. 


Once we participate, are there objectives we must achieve?  


Yes; there is one single and important objective each teacher must achieve as part of the program:  HAVE FUN AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Our industry sponsors are thrilled at the prospect of introducing STEM earlier than ever; you decide what method is best for your classroom and your unique students.


What if supporting materials get lost or are damaged?  


In every kit you will have plenty of extras on hand in the result of damaged or lost materials.  Moreover, each school will receive an “Extra Supplies Box,” typically stored by the principal or a science curriculum director, filled with lots of extra supplies.  In the event even those run out, simply contact us and we will ship you whatever materials you need at no charge. 


Who created The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week?  


“Your target audience,” according to her, that’s who! Click the video below to learn from Karyn herself about how The ABC’s of STEM came to life. 


You can also read her story here. 


My school is not enrolled in The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week, but we would like to be, or to learn more. 

That’s music to our ears!  We are happy to send you more information on the program, visit your school and present (via satellite if necessary), and answer any questions you might have to determine if the ABC’s of STEM is a good fit for you and your students.  Simply contact us, and a KBABC representative will be in touch within 24 hours.  


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