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Connecting Community, Academia, Families & Fun!


The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week program is the bridge between elementary schools' need for fun, engaging, and relatable STEM curriculum and local industry’s desire to invest in impactful workforce readiness programming.

Learn more about how the ABC’s of STEM can benefit communities just like yours!

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Our programs develop and support the essential business-education partnerships necessary to introduce STEM education, career pathways and workforce opportunities to classrooms, students, parents and families of all backgrounds.

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Created by a working Mom of three boys, our program offer busy families the opportunity to take week-day pause, focus on their featured student through family time activities and learn all about STEM together, no technology needed!

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Our programs provide classrooms with a ready-to-launch and flexible program that can be implemented in school or at home, highlighting students and their individuality, all with minimal classroom time and at no cost to teachers.




    1. Teachers receive kits in September, and set up their classroom for The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week program.
    2. Throughout the year, classrooms implement The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week one student at a time, bringing the classroom bag home to families to participate.
    3. At years end, each student and family will have experienced and been introduced to The ABC’s of STEM, providing a fun, engaging and memorable introduction to STEM for all. 

Did You Know?

The acronym for STEM was coined as recently as 2001, by the National Science Foundation!  What does this mean?  There are many parents out there who likely do not even know what STEM is yet, or the many career opportunities and pathways it offers both students and parents alike.

Help us bridge this gap, with The ABC’s of STEM Student of the Week program!

Versatile Programming

Teachers can adjust the program to best fit their classroom and students needs, sending it home or during school time.

School-to-Home Connection

Empowering each student one at a time promotes focused family engagement, all around the subject of STEM.

STEM-Industry Supported

Every kit is financially provided by a locally-invested STEM business, providing free programming to teachers and extended industry support in STEM lessons


Each kit arrives to classrooms fully stocked with everything needed to implement the program for the whole school year.

Minimal Classroom Time

Our program necessitates only a few minutes of valuable classroom time, when the Student of the week is announced, and then when they present their adventures at the end of their week.

STEM for All

Created by a Mom (without a STEM background), our programming is both accessible and immersive to engage students and families of all academic levels.


Join The Fun! Currently accepting Industry/Academic Partnerships for the 2019-2020 Academic Year!LEARN MORE