About Us


Karyn Burns ABC's began in 2013, oddly enough, as a distraction.  Founder Karyn was looking for an outlet while going through a difficult divorce, and at the advice of a friend, started making specific goals selling her artwork as a way to keep her mind occupied. "A silly idea, but...I'll give it a try," she said. January for example?  Make an ABC's of Martha's Vineyard print and sell to two shops. February? Complete a UPenn print and apply for a collegiate license, and so on. The goals were specific, attainable, challenging, and most importantly kept her busy and focused, all things Karyn needed at this juncture in her life.    

Once the dust had settled in her personal life, Karyn realized her outlet and small goals over the past year had collectively become something much more: she had at the very same time created herself a legitimate business and brand, with products in over 25 retails stores, five Collegiate licenses and a diversified product line! 

Today at Karyn Burns ABC's, our original goal of creating products that are whimsical, witty, charming, innovative and fun remains the cornerstone of the Karyn Burns ABC's brand....in addition to having a ball while doing it, of course! We have products carried in over 125 stores nationwide and we offer officially licensed Collegiate lines with some of the Nation's most prestigious institutions. We continue to develop and add multiple children's products to our offerings, and have several new lines in the works! 




Karyn Burns is the Founder and Owner of Karyn Burns ABCs. Her "career" in the children's product industry began with the ABC's of Vermont, an original artwork she designed, sketched, laid out and framed for her first born son, Jack, way back in 2006. After creating similar gifts for her next two sons, The ABC's of the 1000 Islands for Charlie in 2009, and The ABC's of Syracuse University in 2012 for Rory, she decided to see if others would like her creations as much as she and the boys enjoyed them, and in 2014, her fourth "baby" Karyn Burns ABC's was born.

Karyn finds inspiration in all things "preppy, colorful, classic, clever and witty," and has even been heard on more than one occasion describing her ABC lines as "indoctrination, with a wink." 

As business has grown and the need for compliance, licensing and legal approvals have become a necessary part of the process, she remains organic to what has not failed her yet: final sign off on any lines or new products remains her three sons and their (brutally honest!) feedback. 

Today, Karyn happily resides with her three tough critics Jack, 10, Charlie, 7, and Rory, 5, in Manlius, New York at their beloved 1865 farmhouse, Henneberry, with their tabby cat, Cheddar.